Culture Project

One of my favourite classes every term is the last day of each term.  This is when the students share what they have done for their obligatory culture projects.  In order to explore Spanish/latino (etc) culture more on a personal level, in a way that hopefully connects the students with their community, the students must choose an activity to do on their own time.  They may eat at a restaurant, interview someone, make food, take a dance class, watch a movie, attend a cultural event, etc.  The only requirement is that they write a page about their experience and take a photo of themselves doing it.

On the last day of class each term (so three times a year) we sit in a big circle and everyone shares what they did, and what they liked or did not like about it.  It’s an easy 5% for the kids, but it’s fantastic to see these kids sharing their experiences.   I also let them do this in English so we can focus on the event itself, without getting bogged down in language frustrations.

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Culture Project

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