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Immigration role play

This is a very brief immigration role play that I put together.  I simply cut out and assigned each student a different role and put them in groups with the different roles to … [Read more...]

The Story of Stuff/ La Historia de las Cosas

Annie Leonard has put together a fantastic 20 minute (free) video summary of where our 'stuff' comes from and where it ends up.  She has since put out a variety of these short … [Read more...]

Reflexive sentences for immigration unit

Students read a paragraph about a boy who lives in Paraguay and is considering immigrating to Canada. Students identify reflexive verbs as well as discuss reasons for and … [Read more...]

Clothing/Sweatshops/Made in L.A.

This is a series of questions about clothing which I use to start a discussion about where our clothing comes from and the issue of sweatshops. I use it in conjunction with … [Read more...]

Current Events

Each class, one student presents a current event from the Spanish-speaking world. They must show where the event takes place on a map, give a summary of the  event, explain … [Read more...]

Country studies/Kiva project

In an effort to avoid poster projects and come up with some kind of meaningful country study, I created this project to do during a unit on travel and responsible tourism. … [Read more...]

Culture Project

One of my favourite classes every term is the last day of each term.  This is when the students share what they have done for their obligatory culture projects.  In order to … [Read more...]