The Story of Stuff/ La Historia de las Cosas

Annie Leonard has put together a fantastic 20 minute (free) video summary of where our ‘stuff’ comes from and where it ends up.  She has since put out a variety of these short but succinct videos, many of which are very helpful in the classroom.  I use this in a unit on the environment.  It has been dubbed into Spanish, but  because the level is quite high I usually show it in both English and Spanish.  I make no excuses for finding ways of showing this to all my students!

There are many ways you can use it, but one thing that I did was take the attached interview, and use it as a mostly gap fill exercise, supplemented by questions on the reading.  I adapted the interview from this web page (  The English version of the video is found here ( and the Spanish version I used is found here (

Resource Attachment: La Historia de las Cosas – Entrevista

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