Opciones no binarias en español

This image presents several options for non binary language in Spanish. Opciones no binarias en español elle - singular they/them x - gender neutral singular … [Read more...]

Obras de teatro

A lesson example using Reader's Theatre, explained in Spanish with examples. The attachment includes the background, preparation, and two samples written by two different … [Read more...]

“A Better Life” Questions

This is a list of questions that students can answer using the present tense after watching the movie [Read more...]

A short list of movies about immigration

This is a brief list of some movies that can be used in our classrooms to speak about immigration.  There are no accompanying lesson plans,  but feel free to share with … [Read more...]

Fashion Unit

This is an excellent resource for a unit on Fashion (website called Mr. Minot's Spanish Class). It includes adjectives and vocabulary to describe clothing,  regular preterite, … [Read more...]

Immigration role play

This is a very brief immigration role play that I put together.  I simply cut out and assigned each student a different role and put them in groups with the different roles to … [Read more...]

The Story of Stuff/ La Historia de las Cosas

Annie Leonard has put together a fantastic 20 minute (free) video summary of where our 'stuff' comes from and where it ends up.  She has since put out a variety of these short … [Read more...]

Lesson Plan for Which Way Home

A week-long lesson plan that uses the documentary Which Way Home, and other resources, to talk about … [Read more...]

Spanish for Social Justice Quiz

This is a quiz in Spanish that touches on a number of social justice themes. I originally created the quiz for a group of adult learners in Vancouver who had a blast competing … [Read more...]

Reflexive sentences for immigration unit

Students read a paragraph about a boy who lives in Paraguay and is considering immigrating to Canada. Students identify reflexive verbs as well as discuss reasons for and … [Read more...]